Sunday, May 5, 2019

phoebe's eleven months

I say this every time, 
But I'm r.e.a.l.l.y ready for time to just pause for a bit.
It's flying by too fast, 
and now I have an 11 month old!

 Phoebe is:

... a budding musician. She loves to play the piano, and will sneak up on me while I teach piano lessons and start playing at one end of the keyboard. She loves to feel the rhythm of music and bounces along to the beat anytime she can hear it. And anytime her sisters are singing, she absolutely joins in at the top of her lungs. It's the best!

... a climber. Several times in the last couple weeks, I've found her on a different floor of our house than I put her on. She has mastered climbing stairs [which slightly terrifies me] and is starting to figure out how to get down, as well. She has started climbing up on little chairs and can almost pull herself up on the couch. Her determination is incredible. And her little arms are so strong! She's stood by herself for a little bit, but never wants to show off. But she's walking around anything and everything - including walls! As long as she can touch something, she's up and moving.

... full of personality. She has a little teaser streak that is so charming, and she thinks she is so funny! She knows when she's teasing me and she giggles away. It's so delightful. She

... the cuddly-est little pal. She snuggles me every day, and has started to share her loves and cuddles with others, too. Grammy is her other favorite, [obviously] and she has started to give hugs more freely lately.

... expanding her vocabulary daily. She tries so hard to repeat words with me. Its so fun to see her learn and develop new talents and different ways of communicating. My favorite thing she does right now is when she gets frustrated. She clenches her fists, grits her teeth, tenses her whole body for a second and then yells "AAGH!" -- It's too funny!


Friday, April 5, 2019

phoebe's ten months

Phoebe is ten months!

Phoebe is:

... everywhere! She crawls like a cheetah, climbs up to anything - tables, chairs, couches, legs... she likes to be on her feet. She's pretty steady now, and her new trick this week has been walking across the room pushing a little wagon. It's pretty impressive! She's getting quite confident in her abilities.

... chatty! She isn't quite forming many actual words yet, but she likes to talk to us all the live long day. She's also realized that she sometimes has to compete to be heard... so we're learning how to use our "nice voices" - ha! She says "mama" and is working on "more," "dad," and she has started trying to get Afton's attention pretty consistently by say "Aah aah" - so we'll see what that turns into.

... a book lover. She loves to read stories, and hold onto books. She is also very insistent on turning pages herself. And she loves pulling all the books off the shelf and laying in them. She's hilarious.

... becoming more friendly. She has had "stranger danger" from the beginning and now, is starting to smile at others without looking for my approval first. She is just a happy little gal, and she beams when people talk to her. Such a darling.

... a teaser. She makes a little scrunch-y nose face and pants when she thinks she's being funny. She likes to play peek-a-boo, and has started hiding things. It's fun seeing her start to interact more with her sisters. It's such a fun age now!

 [^^^ the scrunch-y nose face!]

Life with these girls is so good!


Tuesday, March 5, 2019

phoebe's nine months

Our little miss is not so little!
Nine months with this beauty around...

Phoebe is:

... a shark. She has eight teeth all the way through -- almost one for every month she's been alive. She's toothy! As expected, she's been quite drool-y and anything she can get her hands on goes into her mouth. [PS - baby-proofing is *much* more difficult when there are bigger kids around who leave out there small little things... It's been trickier this time around...]

... a quick little crawler. She still prefers her side-wider army crawl, but she spends half of the time on her hands and knees. She's also started pulling herself up to things, but hasn't quite figured out how to be very steady on her feet yet. But she wants to be big like her sisters and constantly tried to be where they are. 

... using her voice. She figured out how to shriek/squeal/scream recently, much to the dismay of my hearing. We've been working on using "nice words" -- to which her response is to growl. She has figured out how to get attention! Ha. But she's getting better at using her nice words and growls frequently. She sounds like a little cub of some sort most of the time. It's the funniest thing! 

... bouncy. When she hears a beat or gets excited, her little body shakes up and down. It's adorable. She feels it from her head to her toes. When she's on her back or her belly, she also does this funny little leg pop over and over. I've never seen anything like it!

... still a momma's girl, through and through. She is very aware of strangers, and generally will look to me for approval before smiling or interacting with others. And at the end of the day, she still just wants to snuggle me. [Though, I must admit, Afton might give me a run for my money in this race. She consistently makes Phoebe laugh the very most, and Phoebe loves, loves, loves her sisters.]

These sisters love each other!


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

phoebe's eight months

Miss Phoebe is eight months old 
and learning and growing every second, it seems.

Phoebe is:

... dancing! She does this funny head-shake-into-a-shimmy and it's hilarious! She starts bouncing anytime she hears music, and can drop it like its hot in a second once she starts feeling the beat. She's so fun!

... working on her 7th tooth. Yes. SEVENTH. In the past month, she's popped out 4 more top teeth, and has one more coming through this week. She is a piranha. Or a shark. She has so many teeth! She does this clicking/grinding thing with her teeth that drives her dad absolutely bonkers. He can't stand it, and she thinks it's funny.

... eating all of the food. She loves everything so far, and like my other girls wants FLAVOR. She doesn't like plain rice, plain avocado, or plain bread. But add a little garlic salt, soy sauce or peanut butter and she devours it. Silly girl. She has gotten very proficient in using her little fingers to feed herself. It always amazes me how dexterous those little pincers can be so early!

... crawling! She is a quick little mover. She does a similar crawl to what Afton did at this age - a sort of side-winder army crawl, but half the time is up on her knees or planking and then what seems like sprint-side-winder-ing across the room. She has no problem getting where she wants to go, so long as she doesn't get stuck under the couch or behind a chair.

... growling. Branson has been teaching her to "use nice words" when she wants something, instead of squealing or screaming for it, which has resulted in a funny deep-throat growl when she wants more of something. She sounds like a little bobcat or the like and it makes me laugh every time!

Life is good with these girls!


Sunday, January 6, 2019

phoebe's seven months

This little gal just gets cuter every day!
And we've already had her with us for seven months! 

Phoebe is:

... sitting by herself. She's gotten very sturdy lately, and will sit for a long time so long as she has something in front of her to play with. Give that girl a toothbrush, or something crinkly and she'll be fine for hours!

... loving real food. Surprisingly, [or maybe not if you know my love of all edible things from the sea] so far her most favorite food she has tried has been shrimp! She devoured it and literally screamed anytime I took it away or made her take a break from it. She l.o.v.e.d. it. It was truly a sight to behold. She also loves sour cream (!) and yogurt, any fruit or vegetables,  and will tolerate blander foods like rice and cereal... but in suit with her sisters, she truly loves flavorful foods.

... bouncy! She loves to be up on her legs and will bounce up and down for what seems like hours. Whether in her bouncer, standing up to a table or crib, or just holding hands, she will bounce up and down and up and down and up and down. It's fun to watch!

... very snuggly. She still snuggles me on the regular, and has started giving discernible hugs, which is most adorable! she likes the feeling of soft things on her face - hair, blankets, clothing, toys - and will nuzzle up next to anything soft if she's tired. 

... a mover. She scoots and rolls across the room in a blink, and only occasionally gets stuck now. She's figured out how to get around when she wants. She will get up on her hands and knees and just kind of bounce with it for a moment, likely just testing the waters of new moves, so I'm sure full-blown crawling isn't too far behind.

She's just the best! Her somber stranger face is truly a trick, because she is smiley and happy almost always when we're at home!

These girls are the best of friends!


Thursday, December 6, 2018

phoebe's six months

Has it really been half of a year???
Miss Phoebe is six months old!

 Phoebe is:

... a wiggler. She isn't quite crawling, but she's figured out how to get wherever she wants to go through a combination of rolling back and forth, scooting on her belly, and spinning around on her back. It's pretty impressive to watch her get what's she's set her mind on. She is a persistent little thing!

... fascinated by real food. She wants to eat it all, all the time. She loves anything we'll give her to eat, and has figured out that she can holding things and feed herself a little. She loves to squeeze applesauce pouches into her mouth, chew on carrots, suck on fruit... and so forth. She wants to eat what everyone else is eating!

... working on her top teeth. They're almost through - and the drooling and gnawing on anything and everything is in full force. Though, for teething, she is surprisingly a very calm, patient baby. She'll still squawk when she needs something, but she is so consolable and generally very happy and content. 

... the biggest momma's girl in all the land. She lights up when she sees me and gives me the sweetest snuggles and kisses. She'll tolerate other people, but if I'm around, I'm what she wants. [Which, I am not complaining about... We're best friends!] She lights my world. 

... obsessed with her sisters. Anytime Afton talks to her, she cracks up in a fit of giggles. And she loves to touch Goldie when she's near. They are both such good older sisters, and have started to really be helpful with Phoebe. It' so delightful to see them interact and love each other. Afton and Goldie are always concerned with Phoebe - if she's not in her bed in the morning, Afton starts to panic and says, "Mom! Phoebe's not in her bed! I need to see her!" and every night, Goldie insists on giving Phoebe a hug and a kiss before either of them go to bed. It melts my momma heart. 

Our home is filled with so much love.
God is good. 


Monday, November 5, 2018

phoebe's five months

Our [not-so-little] little Phoebe girl is five months old!

Phoebe is:

... officially a piranha. In the last couple weeks, she popped out two teeth! And hence, loves putting anything and everything in her little mouth. She's not very slobbery, and was really only cranky for a day or two... So I was super surprised when one morning there were two sharp little bottom teeth poking through. Even while teething, this girl is magic and a dream.

... finding her voice. She l.o.v.e.s. to talk. She chatters all the live long day -- cooing, gurgling, squeaking and yelling! Ha. She loves chatting with me first thing in the morning, and will continue our conversation many times throughout the day. It's fun to hear her find new sounds and try to mimic what some of her sisters try to say to her.

... a spinner. She doesn't love rolling quite yet, and will get stuck, but she will somehow spin around in circles on her back. It's pretty impressive. She also loves to be sitting up or jumping and standing with help. She wants to see what's going on and doesn't like being left out.

... not a fan of bottles or pacifiers -- which has been so different from my other girls who loved them. She will swirl a pacifier or bottle nipple in her mouth for a few seconds, but spits it out every. single. time. It's so funny. I've tried all sorts of things to try and trick her into it, but to no avail. And you'd think she'd at least like a bottle where she gets something out of it, but alas.

... laughing so much! Though the second I bring out a camera or phone, she stops. She doesn't want me to capture it. But it's the most delightful sound and I can't get enough of it. She is so ticklish - you almost don't even have to touch her for her to start squirming and giggling. It's the best.

Our house is full of little girl chatter constantly.
And my heart is full of love for these girls!