Sunday, August 5, 2018

phoebe's two months

Two months!
It feels more like two weeks!

Phoebe is:

... a big fan of my hair. She grabs onto it any chance she gets -- particularly when she's sad. I think it's a little like a security blanket for her. I guess its a good thing I have so much hair!

... a good sleeper. We're all feeling pretty good about 7 hours of sleep at night!

... so strong. She has great control of her head, pushes herself up while on her stomach and likes to show off her leg strength all the time. Strong, beautiful, delightful little gal!

... a squeaker. She squawks like a bird when she needs attention, and has this high squeaky cry when she's really upset. It's probably not nice to laugh at your children when they cry... but it's just the cutest, most pitiful sound! It makes me giggle every time!

... growing SO quickly. I mean it! I don't remember my other two girls growing as quickly as she is. She seems to double in size every other day! She's roley poley and so squishable!


Thursday, July 5, 2018

phoebe's one month

And just like that we've already been a family of 5 
for one month!
It seems unfair how quickly time has been passing...

 Phoebe is:

... super snuggly. She constantly wants to be nuzzled right into my neck. She likes to be touching me most of the time - whether she's over my shoulder, in my arms, or even laying next to my leg on the couch. This girls loves to feel nearness.

... a momma's girl. She is pretty consolable, but she calms down right away for me just about every time (much to her dad's chagrin...).

... is pretty patient. With two older (b.u.s.y.) sisters, it's been a little tricky to balance and meet everyone's needs all the time, and Phoebe has proven to be really patient and wait her turn. Oh, she's an angel.

... always putting her hands near or on her face while she sleeps. It's almost like a security thing for her, it seems. She's so darling.

... a pretty good sleeper and a champion eater. She only wakes up once or twice at night, and she gained a whole pound the week after we came home from the hospital. Champ.

These girls have our hearts!
Love, love, love.


introducing miss phoebe

On June 5th, we added another little angel darling to our clan:
Miss Phoebe

She is so precious and we are all so in love.
Afton and Goldie adore her,
and have been doting big sisters and good little helpers. 

We are so happy she is here, safe and healthy.
She is already such a blessing to our growing family
and we are so grateful for all of the love we've felt.

Life is good.
God is good. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

goldie's mermaid party

We just had to throw a mermaid party for Goldie's birthday... It pretty much wasn't even a choice... It was a necessity... [grin]

It was the perfect day!
[We were just missing a few of our favorite people...]

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

It was magical.

And we were so glad so many of our friends and family were there, and particularly thankful that Mimi felt up to coming.

Golden is a lucky girl to be surrounded by so many loved ones.

Happy Birthday to my little Gold Fish!