Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

golden's six months

And just like that, it's been half of a year since Little Miss Goldie graced us with her presence!

Golden is:

... crawling! She's still figuring out how to get up on her knees, but she wriggles and scoots and pulls herself anywhere she wants to go. She's figured out how to get from a sitting position to her belly so she can move around. It's pretty magnificent.

... enthralled by real food. She's still nursing, but anytime there is real food around, she wants it. She'll watch me like a hawk anytime I put food in my mouth, and loves to sit and watch me make dinner. So far, her favorites are: avocados, potatoes, carrots, apples, limes[!], and rice crackers.

... babbling. Lots. [And I'm pretty sure she said "mama" the other day...] She talks and talks, especially to her sister. She thinks Afton is the most entertaining human alive, and they talk and sing together and it just melts me.

... so beautiful. I say it all the time, but it truly happens almost every time we go out. People stop me in the store to tell me what a beautiful baby I have. She really is gorgeous!

... figuring out life with TWO teeth! Both of her bottom front teeth popped through within days of each other.  She loves to chew on everything - fingers. toys. paper. and candy canes.

We love this little ray of sunshine. She's the happiest baby in all the land.
And we truly are a blessed and happy little family!

Friday, November 18, 2016

golden's five months

Golden is five months!

Golden is:

... rolling. And rolling. And rolling. She has figure out that she can eventually get where she wants to go by rolling over, pivoting, then rolling another way. Over and over again. Sometimes, she does this funny inch-worm like move, and lifts her litte bottom in the air, then slides down to move forward. She's pretty smart. And we are definitely not ready for a mobile baby. Let the baby-proofing begin--again!

... loving her own voice, and likes to chatter and sing all the time. And its my favorite sound! Sometimes, she'll compete with Afton and its pretty comical to hear them both try to mimic each other. I love it.

... fascinated with food. She's only had a few tastes here and there of real food (bananas, mashed potatoes and squash--yum!) but she watches anyone around her eating real food like a hawk. She's started swatting and trying to grab whatever food or drink is in my hand. Not quite eating, but she also loves to gnaw on carrot and celery sticks. 

... a book worm. She loves to look at books, and has started to hold them on her own. She will lie on the ground and hold a little book above her head and just stare at it for a while... until it eventually ends up in her mouth. I am happy to see a love of books instilled in her so young!

... enamored with her big sister. Goldie consistently lights up when Afton is around, and so far, no one has made her laugh or smile more than her big sister. Afton likes to sing her songs and tell her stories, and Goldie just eats it up. Afton is her favorite. And Afton tells me frequently that they are best friends. And my heart melts.


We truly are a happy family, 
and constantly count our blessings 
for how good God is and has been to us.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

golden's four months

Goldie Bird is four months old!

Golden is:

... teething. She has two little fangs trying to come through just in time for Halloween. I can see and feel her canines through the side of her gum. Baby vampire. Perfect. Despite cutting teeth, she is still the most mild-mannered, delightful baby.

... laughing. Big, deep, from-head-to-toe chuckles. It's my favorite sound in the world. She is super ticklish sometimes, and will giggle and giggle. A few times, she's just started laughing out of the blue and she thinks Afton is hilarious. It's the best!

... a snuggle bunny. She loves to be held close and tight. When she gets a little restless, she will settle right down as soon as something soft and warm is touching her face. She wriggles her blankets up over her head often - she just loves the feeling of blankets on her cheek. She likes to nuzzle right into my neck, and often buries her little face in my hair. Afton used to do the same thing. I don't know why -- but it's adorable.

... so beautiful. I truly have strangers stop me in the grocery store to comment on how beautiful she is. Her skin is so milky white and her cheeks are the perfect baby round. She is gorgeous.

... so strong. She is constantly trying to sit up. She does this impressive little crunch and lifts her head, trying with all her might to get upright when she's laying down. She has a tight grip and has figured out how to grab onto things and pull them to her. She is so fascinated with everything within her reach.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

golden's three months

Three months!

  Goldie Girl is such a joy in our home and brings such a sweet peace to our little family.

Golden is:

... chattering a lot lately. She likes to talk and sing and has the sweetest little voice. I just can't get enough of hearing the little "oohs" "aahhs" and "acks" she strings together.

... rolling onto her side - already! She lifts her legs up and then just sort of rolls halfway over. I'm so not ready for this.

... the sweetest, smiley-est girl. She lights up from head to toe, and has started to give just a few little giggles.

... super ticklish. You can barely touch her sides or belly, and she'll squirm and squirm with a smile. It's so cute!

... a certifiable thumb sucker. She'll take a pacifier just fine, too, but she puts her fingers in her mouth any chance she gets. Afton tells her, "Don't be a sucker, Baby Sissy!" And I laugh every time.

We are so blessed to have strong, happy, healthy girls. 
God is so good to us.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

golden's two months

This cute thing is two months old!

Our Golden Goose is growing way too fast,
and it makes my momma heart hurt and leap for joy all in the same instant.

Golden is:

... like her sister, and has figured out that sleeping 6-7 hours at night as a two month old makes life happier and better for all of us. We're spoiled, for sure. 

... the happiest baby in all the land! She is so smiley, and is trying so hard to laugh - I think she actually does laugh, we just don't hear it yet. [grin]

... Afton's biggest fan. Every time Afton comes around her, Goldie's eye light up and s
he bursts into the smiliest grins. It melts my heart.

... strong! She's trying to sit up [already!] and likes to show off by standing on her legs and makes an adorable I'm-so-strong-look-at-me-standing-on-my-chunky-legs face, then sits back down and lets out a big sigh, like, OHH! That was hard work! It's so cute.

... starting to chatter. She likes to tell us stories, and makes the most darling little squeaks and chirps. She sounds like a little bird. It's the happiest sound and truly is music to my ears.

If this isn't a laughing face, I'm not sure what is...

Seriously. She's so happy!


Monday, July 18, 2016

golden's one month

 Somehow, Goldie is already one month old
[and it kind of makes me want to cry a little...]

Aren't baby yawns the cutest thing?!

Golden is:

... a good sleeper. Most nights, she'll give me a nice 4 or 5 [occasionally, even six!] hour stretch between feedings. Spoiled, I know.

... such a calm baby with such a sweet disposition. She is hardly ever fussy - an occasional squawk when she needs to eat or be changed - but she is usually relaxed and so pleasant. She's so consolable and patient.

... a snuggler. She loves to be right close to my heart. Her favorite position is rolled up like a potato bug on my chest. I love it. So very much. 

... smiley. Her smile warms my heart. And she has the cutest little dimple on her left cheek! It's adorably endearing.

... reminding us so much of Afton. Her little sounds, the faces she makes, her smile - it's like she already wants to be just like her older sister. [Which I actually thought from the moment they wheeled me into an emergency c-section to deliver her... She wanted to come just like her sister, apparently. And when I saw her face for the first time while in the operating room, I thought I was having deja vu, she looked so much like Afton. It blew my mind!]

[Afton seemed to grow a few years worth overnight. Isn't she big!?]

And Afton is such an adoring older sister. 
Oh, how we love these darling girls!

Afton's One Month

introducing miss golden

On June 18th, we welcomed another beautiful little darling into our family:
Little Miss Goldie.

After waiting for what feels like forever
[she was eight days overdue]
and a long and scary couple hours in labor and delivery,
she finally arrived
and we couldn't be more grateful.

Grateful for her, and her calming, beautiful little spirit.
For hospitals and doctors who quite literally saved our lives.
For a worthy husband and priesthood blessings.
For two healthy, beautiful daughters.
For our little eternal family.

Golden is such an incredible baby.
Beautiful. Healthy. Strong. Calm. Patient.

And Afton has been a wonderful older sister.
She has been so tender and loving with Golden
and "loves her teeny tiny toesey"
[or so she tells us every morning].
And she constantly wants to hold Goldie's hand
and often tells her they're "best friends" and that we're "a happy fam'ly"
And my heart melts.

Life is wonderful.
We're deliriously happy and tired,
But God is so good to us.
So very good.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015



... Afton has gotten so funny! She's a little tease and likes to hide things - including herself. She has the most infectious giggle and has developed a little maniacal laugh that is side-splittingly hilarious. She's the cutest girl, and everyday I'm not sure how there's any more room in my heart to love her more, but I do.

... Our chickens are almost full grown. And it's a good thing, too - have you bought eggs recently? We didn't time our flock switching very well this year, and for the first time in y.e.a.r.s I had to buy eggs at the grocery store, and whoo-eee, was I shocked at the price tag. No thank you. We should have fresh eggs again in a month or so!

... We've had so many celebrations. I think every other week for the past few months we've had some reason to celebrate and (maybe more importantly) make cake. Yum. Easter, Birthdays, Mother's Day, more Birthdays, Memorial Day, our Anniversary. So any great things to celebrate.

... We celebrated our 7th Anniversary. (Seven!) It's flown by. I'm so lucky. Brans is my perfect compliment. He's just the best. We celebrated with the most delicious crab dinner and the world's prettiest bouquet of roses gracing the table. It was low key, and accompanied by a delightful 17 month old waitress, who instead of serving our food, actually threw half of it on the floor and played the drums on the table with a spoon the whole night... And it was perfect.

... I've been in simplify mode - in every area of my life. I'm trying to simplify our house. Our routine. Our schedule. Our stuff (we have so. much. stuff.). I'm making progress, but it's quite the task.

... I've also been trying to be more present in the... present. Ha. I'm trying to remember and enjoy every moment of being a mom - the good and the bad. We're lucky and haven't had hardly any bad, and I'm soaking in every second with this adorable girl and handsome guy I get to call mine. I'm trying to become less attached to my electronic world, which is really a challenge. But I'm trying. These days, hours, minutes... They're passing way too fast for me to spend half of them playing Jelly Splash or flipping through a Facebook feed. So my online interactions and mobile attachments have started to become fewer and further between, and for now, it feels like the right move.

... Work is going well for Brans. He's really liking his full time gig at the Library, and they just had an awesome Grand Opening of the new Library. It's a beautiful building! Seriously, I could spend everyday there. It's gigantic and awesome and I'm so grateful he's doing something he really enjoys.

... I've just been really, really grateful. Grateful for such awesome family. Grateful for our little farm. Grateful for the gospel. Grateful for trials - even though they are so hard sometimes. Grateful for good friends. Grateful for life.

And life is good.